2023 Caribbean Equestrian Association Mini Jumping Challenge

Riders braved stormy weather to compete in the Bahamas leg of the 2023 Caribbean Equestrian Association Mini Jumping Challenge, meet Bahamian Show Jumper Millie Vlasov and get a chance to see what a 1.50m jump really looks like! Thanks to Moonstone Stables for hosting the event. Congratulations to Team Bahamas members Gabriella Moran, Sienna Jones and Alexis Osazuwa!

Full results below:
Height Class A:
1st – Alexis Osazuwa/Coraggio di Essere
2nd – Sienna Tinker/Salt and Pepper
3rd – Marlo Pinder/Rags to Riches
4th – Connor Watkins/Fiona
5th – Anouk Formige/Valentine
6th – Hannah D’Aguilar/Rags to Riches

Height Class B:
1st – Sienna Jones/Lea’s Pride
2nd – Emma Johnston/Valentine
3rd – Sennen Fitzmaurice/Lea’s Pride
4th – Emma Euteneuer/Flight of the Phoenix
5th – Isabella Coello/Laureanna CF
6th – Hannah D’Aguilar/Coraggio di Essere

Height Class C:
1st – Gabriella Moran/Fiona