Bahamas Interscholastic Equestrian League takes on a new look: Equestrian Bahamas and IEA forge partnership as Bahamas Joins IEA Zone 4

Dear Fellow Equestrian Bahamas Members,

Equestrian Bahamas is proud to announce a partnership between the Bahamas Interscholastic Equestrian Association (BIEL) and the US-based Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA). As of the 2020-2021 show season, The Bahamas has been designated as Region 13 of Zone 4 of the
IEA: the first international regional affiliate in that organization’s history!

Congratulations to Mrs. Erika Adderley-Coello of Mariposa Stables and Mrs. Kimberly Johnson of Camperdown Equestrian Centre on being appointed as Region President and Region Vice-President, respectively, for this newest Region of the IEA Zone 4.
BIEL and the IEA share a common mission of promoting equestrian sport to school-age riders by providing affordable competitive options as well as exposure to collegiate recruitment and educational opportunities, without the need for horse ownership. Based on a competition format that levels the playing field while maintaining affordability, BIEL and the IEA give riders the opportunity to develop their competitive skills in a fun, team-based format, while at the same time laying the foundation for competing at the collegiate level. As IEA members, BIEL riders will have access to multiple opportunities such as:

• Access to over $15,000 in IEA Founders College Scholarship Awards
• Enrolment in the USEF Equestrian College Search Program
• Opportunities to attend IEA clinics and complimentary memberships/benefits with select IEA partner organizations
• Competitive opportunities abroad, representing The Bahamas as Region 13 of IEA Zone 4!

Through BIEL and its affiliation as an IEA Region, Bahamian riders will have the opportunity each year to advance to IEA Zone Finals and possibly even National Finals, competing against riders from all over North America. The affiliation with the IEA has necessitated some restructuring of BIEL, but our mission and values remain the same: equestrian sport for all! We hope that you will choose to join us on this exciting journey. Here are some important things to note:

• All riders in Grades 5-12 who reside in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas can participate
• Riders must be members of Equestrian Bahamas and of the Interscholastic Equestrian League
• To participate you must be affiliated with a team – This MUST be done through your trainer…contact them now to express your interest!

To learn more, ask your trainer…or explore our updated website, including an informational flyer, the new BIEL Rule Book, links to the IEA website and more. In this partnership with the IEA we see a wonderful opportunity for our junior members to further explore the joys of competitive riding in a fun, team format while reaping multiple benefits. We encourage you to become involved!

As we return to riding Equestrian Bahamas encourages you to continue to adhere to mandated health and safety protocols in your barn and at large, to protect yourself and those around you. As a community we are strong and resilient, and together we will emerge from this crisis. Our world may well look different, but we will still be united by the love of the horses.
Warmest regards,

Cathy Ramsingh-Pierre
President Equestrian Bahamas

BIEL and IEA in Partnership - Promotional Flyer