Developing horses and riders through excellence in training and competition is an important part of Equestrian Bahamas’ mission. We aim to promote interest, participation, and excellence at every level in equestrian sport, while upholding the highest standards of safety, integrity, and clean sport. Active participation in EB-rated compétitions not only builds our sport, it forges personal relationships and memories that last for a lifetime!



2018 – 2019 EB Rated Horse Shows

Mariposa Stables: Oct 20 – Oct 21 (Jumper/Equitation)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre : Nov 10 – 11 (Equitation/Jumper)

Mariposa Stables : Dec 8 (Jumper/Medal)

Mariposa Stables: Jan 26 – 27 (Equitation/Hunter)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre : Feb 16 (Jumper/Medal)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre Mar 23 -24 (Hunter/Equitation)

2018 – 2019 Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League Show Dates

Mariposa Stables : Dec 9

Camperdown Equestrian Centre : Feb 17

Camperdown Equestrian Centre : May 4

CEC November 2014 Show