Creigh Duncan Judge Clinic

Riders Jump for Joy at February BIEL show

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated, spectated, and otherwise supported Equestrian Bahamas at the recent Jumper/Medal show and Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League Competition at Camperdown last weekend. Congratulations to Lyford Cay International School for winning Sunday’s team competition!

The show was judged by the super-knowledgeable, ultra-personable Creigh Duncan of Princeton, New Jersey. Judge Duncan not only did a wonderful job of judging the show, but also treated riders, coaches and parents to a fantastic post-show judging clinic, in which she praised riders for their efforts, gave advice for technical improvements, and shared a compelling and educational insight into the thought process of the competition judge.

The overall results were as follows: 1st place – Lyford Cay International School; 2nd place – Queens College; 3rd place – Independent team; 4th place – Windsor Preparatory School; 5th place – St. Andrews School; 6th place – Tambearly School. No matter the overall placings, it was a fun and educational day for all as riders celebrated with their team mates. The photo below says it all: it was a day worth jumping for joy!


Jumping for joy

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Rain or Shine, the show goes on at Mariposa

Thanks to all who braved the weather for our first Hunter Show this weekend at Mariposa Stables. Although Saturday was a wash, Sunday dawned bright and beautiful! Congratulations to all exhibitors, and thanks as always to the dedicated trainers, ring crew and volunteers who make it happen! We look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Camperdown Jumper/Medal Show on February 16…and at the Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League event on February 17!

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BIEL Officials and Judge Jamie Stryker

Windsor Preparatory School Riding Team Wins Big!

The first horse show of the Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League 2018-2019 season held last Sunday at Mariposa Stables took a surprising turn when the Windsor Preparatory School Team emerged as the overall victors, unseating 2-time champions Lyford Cay International School.

Windsor fielded its largest team ever, with veterans Elle O’Brien, Alexis Neymour and Isabella Coello being joined by first-time competitors Quintyn Bauemler and Katarina Coello. Coached by trainer Erika Adderley, the five riders turned in consistent, successful rides, amassing a winning total of 43 points to handily defeat the reigning champions, Lyford Cay International School.

BIEL shows are based on the format NCAA and IHSA competitions, in which riders “draw” the names of the horses they will ride, and therefore compete on potentially unknown horses with minimal preparation. The format is designed to prepare our riders for collegiate competition. The show was judged by Mr. Jamie Stryker of Morriston, FL.

23 riders competed in six teams, with results as follows:

  • 1st place – Windsor Preparatory School (43 points)
  • 2nd Place – Lyford Cay International School (32 points)
  • 3rd Place – Independent Team (28 points)
  • 4th Place – Queens College (21 points)
  • 5th place (tie) – St. Andrews School/ Lucaya International School (18 points)

Thanks to all riders and enthusiastic parents and supporters who came out for the Mariposa Jumper/Medal show on Saturday, and the BIEL show on Sunday! The next interschool equestrian competition will be held at Camperdown Equestrian Centre on Sunday, February 17, 2019. Admission is free and the public is welcome to attend.

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All smiles for this future champion

Sportsmanship and Talent on Display at the Annual Camperdown Horse Show

The second horse show of the Equestrian Bahamas 2018-2019 show season took place this past weekend at Camperdown Equestrian Centre. The show was a two-day event: Saturday’s classes featured the crowd-pleasing speed jumping events, while on Sunday the focus was on Equitation classes which emphasize style and technique. Riders competed at all levels, from Future Champions in Lead Line right up to the 3-foot level.

The show was judged by Mr. Robert Robold, President of the East Coast Hunter-Jumper Association, owner of North Hammock Stables in Merritt Island, Florida, and USEF R-rated judge in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation.

At the close of the show Judge Robold gave two special awards: Sara Gottberg and Amalia Good were co-winners of the High Point Rider award, given to the rider or riders earning the most points in their division. Mollie McDermott was the winner of the Tibri Sportsmanship Award – a surprising choice to some as Mollie did not compete in the show!

Judge Robold later explained his decision: “There were lots of kids who exhibited sportsmanship this weekend,” he said. “Mollie stood out to me because even though she was not riding in the show she came out to support her barn teammates, and to help bathe and care for the horses and put away equipment. That is the right kind of attitude for a rider as it shows an unselfish attitude, concern for the welfare of the animal, and a willingness to learn from the ringside. So she was my choice.”

Congratulations to Mollie, Sara, Amalia, and to all riders and trainers on goals achieved, lessons learned, and ribbons won! A great time was had by all. The next show of the Equestrian Bahamas competition calendar will be held on December 8 and 9, 2018, at Mariposa Stables in western New Providence. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend!

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Equestrian Bahamas is proud to announce the establishment of a partnership with the Princeton Equestrian League based in Princeton, New Jersey. The Princeton Equestrian League was founding by the owner of Princeton Show Jumping, Andrew Philbrick, and is dedicated to providing high-quality competitions for Hunter, Equitation and Jumper riders of all levels. The League provides an opportunity to riders to compete at member shows throughout the year, gain points towards year-end awards, and qualify for the prestigious Princeton Equestrian League National Finals at Princeton Show Jumping in Skillman, New Jersey.

“We are very excited and proud to become partners with the Princeton Equestrian League, and to be able to provide our Federation members with this wonderful opportunity for additional exposure, competition and recognition amongst their equestrian peers abroad,” said Cathy Ramsingh-Pierre, President of Equestrian Bahamas.

The Equestrian Bahamas horse show season is now in full swing, with the next show being held on Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11, at Camperdown Equestrian Centre in Eastern New Providence. Admission is free and the public is welcome to attend.

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