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Dear Riders, Trainers, Parents and Friends,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 horse show season! We look forward to a year of continued growth, development and achievement in Equestrian sport in the Bahamas. Our emphasis continues to be on developing programs which foster participation and inclusion of all riders, and on encouraging and rewarding excellence in achievement.

Equestrian sport continues to grow in The Bahamas, a growth that is reflected in the evolved prize list most shows will offer this year. While more and more young riders join the sport at the entry level – our “Future Champions” – at the same time our current riders continue to hone their skills, with the result that several higher-level divisions will be featured in this years competitions. Like last years shows, the emphasis will be on Equitation and Jumpers, in keeping with our aspirations to provide competitive opportunities abroad for our riders.

Over the summer, many of our riders continued to compete abroad, from Florida to New York; from Canada to the Czech Republic. EB applauds their talent and commitment, as well as the dedication of their coaches. As the word spreads, so does our membership: Bahamian riders living in North America and Europe have reached out to us to enquire about joining EB. We welcome one and all!

EB remains committed to extending Equestrian sport into the grassroots of Bahamian athletics through the BIEL program. This program, intended to be a public-private partnership to extend Equestrian sport into the public schools, has been delayed in its full implementation by two successive years of devastating hurricanes. However last season our riders were able to experience one exciting interschool competition, conducted under a college-type draw format and enjoyed by all. Despite the initial setbacks, we will continue to pursue our goal of making our sport accessible to Bahamian youth.

EB is equally committed to fostering horsemanship in our members, so the EB Rider Certification Program will continue this year. Through the Rider Certification Program young riders gain recognition for mastery of theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. In addition, through our partnerships with the Bahamas Olympic Committee, the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI), and other international equestrian organizations, EB will continue to explore training and development opportunities for member riders and coaches.

EB membership is for all those who love horses and are inspired by equestrian sport. The deadline for membership dues for the upcoming year is October l, 2017. If you have not yet submitted your EB membership renewal or application for the 2017-2018 year, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Please note that in order for points to count toward divisions and medals, all memberships (horses and riders) must be paid before the close of this weekend’s show. Points will not be assigned retroactively to late payments.

To arrange payment of your membership dues please contact Mrs. Beth Nottage at [email protected] Cheques should be made payable to Equestrian Bahamas.

Equestrian Bahamas values your membership and your participation. Your contribution helps to provide us with the resources we need as we continue to promote and develop equestrian sport in The Bahamas. Thank you again for your support!

Cathy Ramsingh-Pierre

President, Equestrian Bahamas

2017-2018 Show Season Begins with a Bang!

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The first two shows of the year are now behind us, and riders have had the opportunity to practice a little bit of everything: Hunters, Equitation, and Jumper classes! Congratulations to Kathryn Goulandris and Nicholas Astwood, joint winners of the Equitation High Point Rider Award at the CEC November 2017 show. Congratulations also to Riley Harper, winner of the Tibri Judge’s Choice Sportsmanship Award. Our next show is the Mariposa Holiday Jumper Show, on Saturday, December 2, at Mariposa Stables. See you there!

Sara wins big with Team Mariposa at the 2017 Marshall and Sterling Finals

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Congratulations to Sara Gottberg who faced down a competitive field of 63 riders to finish 4th in the 2’6″ Marshall and Sterling Children’s Medal Final in Saugerties, New York! Kudos to Trainer Erika Adderley-Coello and all her riders who qualified for a spot at the Finals of this prestigious event (Katie Farrington, Lila Nottage, Cairo Morrison, Taylor Haines and Sara Gottberg). Well done, Team Mariposa!

EB Rider Certification

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Membership and Competitions

A new horse show season is here, with more competitive opportunities than ever before! Check out the new Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League Rule Book, as well as the revised class specifications for all EB shows in the 2017-2018 year!

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Whether you are a rider or parent, horse owner or trainer, sponsor or visitor, we hope you will find something of interest in our site. Keep up to date with the latest to do with EB and all things equestrian!


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Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League

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Gabi and Mila have success in Wellington!

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2017 – 2018 EB Rated Horse Show Dates

Mariposa Stables: Sept 30 – Oct 1 (Hunter/Equitation)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre : Nov 11 – 12 (Equitation/Jumper)

Mariposa Stables: Dec 2 (Jumper/Medals)

Mariposa Stables: Jan 20 – 21 (Equitation/Jumper)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre (1 day show): Feb 3 (Jumper/Medals)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre: Mar 10 -11 (Hunter/Equitation)

Camperdown Equestrian Centre: April 14-15 (Equitation/Jumper)

2017 – 2018 Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League Show Dates

Camperdown Inter-school Championship Event: Feb 4

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